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This game brings great push your luck elements with solo journling. Just finished my first game where my character, thought accepted by the village, wasn't accepted by the love interest. A good ending with a sad tone. The prompts provide great guidence and freedom and a lot of the time the dice clikced in my head how it would go and what is going to happen. An intuitive, simple system for a great 2 hour expeirence that I will probably go back to (As there is a lot of variation for everything from who you are, what is the chieftan and what is the community like). Every little detail plays a nice part in the game and every time I felt like I was doing something. Also made my own little booklet to keep the stories I wrote.

Great game and keep it up!


Thank you so much! I'm so happy you liked it, and I'm very sorry the love interested didn't accept your oracle, but it is SO wonderful to see the stories that come from this gamae. And I'm very pleased you liked the push your luck mechanic too, if you strip the narrative away it can be a mean little solitarie.

But the most impressive thing is that you've made your own little booklet! I'd love to see it if you're comfortable sharing! thanks again!


the SO was pushed back by the lenghts my oracle went to prove the village that he is an oralce so I am happy with the outcome.
The booklet is just paper and staples, and my notes are just torn off pages but here it is.


This has made my day, thank you!

Is there any way I can contact you? Would love to talk more!

Sure! DM me on Twitter @Listener13

Hey there! I saw you put Behoro in a wishlist,  let me know if you'd want to trade that + my other game To Care is To Cairn for a copy of superstition :) 

I'm @not_kia_ on twitter


Superstition is a solo journaling RPG about a community and its rituals. You play as the oracle, trying to guide a community through the seasons, teaching them rituals that can ward off calamities (or maybe they are just placebos).


This is probably one of my favourite solo journaling RPGs I've tried. Such a lovely concept and it's one I see myself coming back to again and again.

Thank you so much for the kind words! It really brings a smile to my face and the fact you're enjoying it so much encourages me to keep making games, so I really appreciate it!


Superstition is a wonderful game! I have personally interviewed Albi, the creator, and his passion for the game really comes out!

Thank you so much John! Loved the interview too, you're doing some great work!


Albi, non è più possibile comprare il tuo gioco. È una cosa accaduta di proposito?


Ciao! Grazie che me lo hai segnalato - è di proposito per dare un attimo di "esclusiva" ai backer di KickStarter, che dovrebbero ricevere il download link a breve (appena itch mi approva l'invio).

Ok, allora scusa per l’intrusione. Se vuoi cancello il commento. 😉


Nono, anzi, grazie per avermelo detto! Questa volta non è stato un errore, ma la prossima...