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"You are an oracle, a greenseer, and a fraud. You know nothing you do will affect whether a season is bountiful or not, whether nature will be kind to your clan or not. 

But you must convince your chieftain that your rituals are worthy, that their offerings, with your guidance, can decide their fates. If not, you may be exiled or worse."

“Superstition” is a ritual-creating solo journaling rpg with light game elements a little similar to blackjack (no knowledge of that game required). Played with a normal 52-card deck.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Tagsjournaling, solo, zinequest


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

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Superstition is a solo journaling RPG about a community and its rituals. You play as the oracle, trying to guide a community through the seasons, teaching them rituals that can ward off calamities (or maybe they are just placebos).


This is probably one of my favourite solo journaling RPGs I've tried. Such a lovely concept and it's one I see myself coming back to again and again.

Thank you so much for the kind words! It really brings a smile to my face and the fact you're enjoying it so much encourages me to keep making games, so I really appreciate it!


Superstition is a wonderful game! I have personally interviewed Albi, the creator, and his passion for the game really comes out!

Thank you so much John! Loved the interview too, you're doing some great work!


Albi, non è più possibile comprare il tuo gioco. È una cosa accaduta di proposito?


Ciao! Grazie che me lo hai segnalato - è di proposito per dare un attimo di "esclusiva" ai backer di KickStarter, che dovrebbero ricevere il download link a breve (appena itch mi approva l'invio).

Ok, allora scusa per l’intrusione. Se vuoi cancello il commento. 😉


Nono, anzi, grazie per avermelo detto! Questa volta non è stato un errore, ma la prossima...