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A worldbuilding/mapmaking tabletop RPG for 1 to 4 players attempting to explore cartography and the imprecision of maps, specifically cultural/political ones.

Each player builds their own map of a region they share with other players . The cultures the players represent coexist and often occupy the same spaces, sharing the physical geography but giving it different meanings and histories.

But once these personal histories are drawn, the Royal Cartographer arrives and as is unfortunately often the case, they decide that reality is far too complicated to represent on official maps.

Which features will the Cartographer choose to map, and will the players cooperate to ensure everyone is represented on the map?

Plays in approximately 1-2 hours.  

Hugely inspired by: "The Quiet Year", "Alone on a Map" and "Beak, Feather and Bone"

NOTES: If you want to try before you buy, the two demo files (labeled Basic Solo and Basic Multi) are just the rulesets, without any of the art or layout. 

Printing: if you wish to print out BOTH Solo and Multiplayer versions, download "Combo" and print as a booklet. The solo version is already laid out upside down for your printer.


Buy Now$14.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14 USD. You will get access to the following files:

4mmTRC - Multi.pdf 10 MB
4mmTRC - Solo.pdf 11 MB
4mmTRC - COMBO.pdf 57 MB
Map-pack.rar 40 MB
Map-pack ZIP.zip 40 MB
Sticker Sheet.jpg 1 MB
The Royal Cartographer Epubs.zip 53 MB
Community-Themes-Reasons sheets.zip 6 MB

Community Copies

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Community Copy

Community copies are for those marginalised/in need. With many thanks to all the backers that made this project possible.

Download demo

Royal Cartographer - Basic Multi.pdf 10 MB
Royal Cartographer - Basic Solo.pdf 10 MB

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Can you consider adding Zip files for the maps? Some of us poor souls can't open RAR files.... Looking at you Apple users.


Of course, my apologies for not thinking of that! I've just gone and uploaded a ZIP file, let me know if it works!


Thanks for making this available in print. Backed on Kickstarter!!!


Thank you for backing! Can't wait to get it to you in print!

This is a great idea (and well done to boot)!

Thank you for the kind words!

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I made a short hack of this game and would like to distribute it for free on itch and refer to your product to help you get views. may i show it to you for your approval? Email me at jackledead@gmail.com to chat.


Hey! Absolutely, I'll write to you soon!




may i suggest the city building tag it may get you attention


Thank you for the tip, I'll add that right now!